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Thursday, March 03, 2005
  The Left is Paving the Road to Theocracy
Gus Van Horn has a very insightful post at his blog: Dems Get Religion.

I agree with many of the points Gus makes there, and his overall fear of the current "transformation" of the political and cultural landscape. The Democrats do believe that they have to suck up to the religious now - Gus points out several instances that may seem small, but are in fact very disturbing. One instance which I have found especially troubling is the new arguments coming out in the debate over abortion.

The religious right has subtlely made some major changes in the nature of the debate. As I've pointed out before, they have without challenge stipulated that the fetus is a human being, which I have yet to hear challenged by anyone. How defenders of a woman's right to abortion plan to defend the murder of a human being (which is what abortion amounts to on this religious view) is anyone's guess (pragmatically, of course).

The conservatives have taken advantage of the latest shift, the Democrats recent moral "rebirth" (in light of the revelation of "moral values"). Sen. Hillary Clinton led the way, with her attempt to make "peace" with the pro-life movement. "We can all agree that abortion is the last resort, and that reducing the number of abortions is a good thing". Conservatives, being shrewd enough to avoid looking the gift horse in the mouth, have already started taking over this mantra. Taking their leave from Bush's "Faith-Based Iniatives", they are already talking about ways the government can help reduce the number of abortions.

Gus ends his post with great prescience, so great in my estimation that it bears repeating:
The Democrats are going to make all kinds of promises to the religious right, while also taking advantage of the fact that their socialist economic agenda is in fact the more "moral" (read: altruistic) alternative. The Dems can push harder one way or the other, depending. When the Republicans start seeing this, they're going to probably say something like, "Oh yeah! But we're serious." The Democrats, if they have any sense at all, will try to nullify national security as an issue in the next election by stifling their anti-war impulses (and supporters). If they do this, the next election is going to be all about sucking up to the religionists.

If the Dems come to power, they have a choice: (a) live up to their promises to the religionists, alienating their nihilistic base as well as the genuine secularists, or (b) betray the religious right, permanently alienating them and destroying themselves as a viable political party. If not, the Dems are finished unless they do some actual soul-searching the next time around. In any case, it seems that the next big issue in American politics will be whether we make the state the handmaiden of religion or abolish this kind of serfdom altogether. Count me in as an abolitionist.
Count me in as well.

Unfortunately, I fear we are seeing the only "soul-searching" the Democrats are likely to do. The marginalization of secularism and atheism as bizarre, fringe movements (helped by dubious "representatives", who are legion) continues unabated. The ideology of the left is dead - and the Democrats are now helping to unplug the theocratic dike the founders bequeathed to us.

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