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Saturday, December 11, 2004
  Cox and Forkum - Blood Money
Friday, December 10, 2004
  This is Outrageous
I can feel my blood boiling now: Alabama Prison Inmates Celebrate Degrees.
For a few minutes, Anthony Murphy forgot he was a convicted sex offender and felt the respect that comes to an accomplished scholar.

Wearing a black graduation gown and tasseled cap, he walked across a prison stage, stopping briefly to hug his mentor. Adjusting the tassel from left to right, he then clutched his master's degree and a crisp new study Bible amid cheers.

Murphy was one of 53 inmates at the state prison in Bullock County who received a diploma or degree from the faith-based curriculum available at the south Alabama lockup.

He earned his master's in Christian education, while fellow scholar Roy McCaig, serving a 15-year sentence for rape, earned his doctorate in biblical studies.

"This is the best thing my name has ever done," said Murphy, 45, who has served 11 years of a life sentence on a rape and sodomy conviction.

"It's renewed my mind," added McCaig.

The inmates said they were especially honored to have Attorney General Troy King briefly speak at the Friday ceremony. King told the prisoners he admired their work to find light "in a place of so much darkness."

The multi-degree program offered at the prison is organized by Correctional Chaplain Stephen Walker. The degrees are valid, he said, though they are not always from accredited institutions.

Murphy's master's is from Liberty Theological Seminary International in Montgomery. McCaig's doctorate is from Gulf Coast Bible Institute in Mobile.

The programs are funded by donations, while Walker and the nonprofit Alabama Prison Ministries coordinate volunteer teachers to help with inmates' studies. The prison also offers studies in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other faiths. The Islamic studies commencement is set for January.
As a rational, civilized man, I'm not prone to bouts of violence. But in this case, if my wife were the victim of one of these cretins, I would be able to write a textbook on torture after they were released.

On a more intellectual note, here is more evidence of the quiet spread of faith based initiatives. And what is more grotesque than all the rest is that, if these sadistic perverts do reform themselves, it will be attributed to Christianity!

  Yaron Brook on the O'Reilly Factor
I've just learned that Dr. Yaron Brook (of the Ayn Rand Institute) will be on the The O'Reilly Factor Monday, December 13th, 2004. He will discuss the current situation in Iraq with Bill, this is must see TV!
Wednesday, December 08, 2004
  Cox and Forkum - Sprawl or Bust
  It Could Be Worse...
I'm reading about Ancient Egypt right now. It's somewhat dull, but every now and then I get to read something really bizarre, like this:
The dangers of the hereafter were now greatly multiplied, and for every critical situation the priest was able to furnish the dead with an effective charm which would infallibly cure him. Besides many charms which enabled the dead to reach the world of the hereafter, there were those which prevented him from losing his mouth, his head, his heart; others which enabled him to remember his name, to breathe, eat, drink, avoid eating his own foulness, to prevent his drinking-water from turning into flame, to turn darkness into light, to ward off all serpents and other hostile monsters, and many others...

Quoted in Our Oriental Heritage by Will Durant, pg. 205
Tuesday, December 07, 2004
  How Can 55% of the Country Be So Dumb?
Ok, so the title of this entry mimics that London paper (I think the Mirror) from the day after Bush got re-elected ("How can 59,xxx,xxx people be so dumb?"). John has the details from a poll on people's religious beliefs. It just might surprise you.
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