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Saturday, November 27, 2004
  Educational Disclaimers
I previously mentioned the battle going on in Georgia over putting disclaimers in biology textbooks stating that evolution is just a "theory". Well, Colin Purrington has been kind enough to make up a sticker for evolution and several other "controversial" theories:

Click here (image failed to load)
Friday, November 26, 2004
  Just Deserts
There aren't too many laws being passed today that I like, but I had to nod in approval when I read about this one: Pennsylvania to Post Sex Offenders' Personal Data.
Gov. Ed Rendell has signed a law allowing photographs and personal information on more than 7,000 registered sex offenders to be posted on the Internet within six months.

Pennsylvania's current database provides information on just 57 sexual offenders and is available to the public only by e-mail request.

The new law, which Rendell signed Wednesday, calls for a site listing the name, city, county, zip code and picture of every registrant. Street addresses will be posted for the most serious offenders, classified as "sexually violent predators."
Although my emotional reaction to such vermin is the death penalty, I haven't been persuaded to this position. Therefore the least that can be done is to allow the rest of us to know who these people are and where they live, so that we can boycott, watch and harass them. Of course, the usual suspects are concerned about the effects of this law upon the "victims" (no, not the children and women):
Opponents of the expanded Web postings said the law will hurt efforts to rehabilitate convicted sex offenders and likely set off a new wave of court challenges.

"We are making it ... more difficult for people who have served prison time to go back to a community, get jobs, connect with their families," said Larry Frankel of the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.
While Mr. Frankel's shedding crocodile tears for these monsters, I wonder where his compassion is for their victims. I would submit that no moral person would welcome those cretins into their community, their workplace or their family.
Thursday, November 25, 2004
  A Rational Voice on the War in Iraq
Dr. Yaron Brook provides his cogent analysis to the war, and how it ought to be fought: U.S. Should Withdraw from the Geneva Convention.
IRVINE, CA--The investigation of a marine for the suspected "crime" of killing an unarmed Iraqi terrorist is a moral and judicial travesty, said Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.

"The accused marine was completely right to kill a terrorist who he suspected was setting up a booby-trap by faking death--a common terrorist technique used in Iraq. For the marine to do otherwise would have been to risk his life and the lives of his fellow marines to preserve a committed murderer. Yet this is exactly what the U.S. government says he should have done, in the name of the 'rules of war' of the Geneva Convention."

"Throughout the War on Terrorism," explained Dr. Brook, "America has sacrificed its military objectives and the safety of its soldiers in the name of adhering to the Geneva Convention accords, which are based on the so-called Just War Theory. Monsters like Osama bin Laden and his deputies are still alive because we hesitated to bomb them out of their hideouts, for fear of hitting so-called innocents. Hundreds of American soldiers have died unnecessarily due to crippling rules of engagement requiring them to place the lives of Iraqi civilians above their own."

"Now," said Dr. Brook, "we are telling our soldiers that if they kill a terrorist who happens to be wounded or unarmed, they could be court-martialed!"

"America must assert its right to defend its citizens--including its soldiers--by any means necessary," said Dr. Brook. "And as a first order of business, we must withdraw from the suicide pact that is the Geneva Convention."
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
  Good Article on Unions
I don't always like to recommend the articles on the Von Mises web site because many are so polluted with philosophic fallacies that their attempts to overthrow economic ones are muddled at best. With that presupposition, I'd like to encourage you to read Thomas E. Woods, Jr.'s article on labor unions, Forgotten Facts of American Labor History. It presents a good economic analysis of labor unions and their destructive effects upon economic progress, with little bad philosophy. It even mentions Dr. George Reisman, which is a plus in an economics article. Those of you old enough will remember Dr. Reisman's analogy in this article from his course Introduction to Pro-Capitalist Macroeconomics, a course I wholeheartedly endorse.
  Enough Said..
Brad at Contemporary History explains the latest happenings in Iran, and Bush's response. The title (guess who it refers too) says it all: Verifiably Stupid.
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