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Thursday, July 29, 2004
  North Korea Victim of "Real" Terrorism
Reuters reports that North Korea has accused the South Korea of committing terrorism against it by aiding refugees from the dictatorship in escaping to South Korea. This last bastion of communism, which starved approximately a million of its people to death in order to fund military spending, is upset that some of its "capital" has managed to escape to South Korea. If that isn't hypocrisy enough, here's the name of the official North Korean agency which released the statement today: the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. Must be a branch of the ministry of propaganda!

Commenting on the US Congress's recently passed North Korean Human Rights Act (and S. Korea's support of it), the North said:

"South Korea's cooperation with the United States' bill designed to overturn our system of socialism by damaging our republic's international reputation and trying to accomplish regime change is a criminal act of anti-nationalism and will never be forgiven," the spokesman said.

Oh, now I get it. Mass starvation, concentration camps and a government that systematically sucks the life out of its people isn't criminal - that's a fundamental right of every North Korean! And those pesky Americans, they're trying to deprive them of that right. Shame! And now we'll never be forgiven!
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
  Open Letter to Israel
Check out this fantastic open letter to Israel. It had me laughing out loud at least 10 or 12 times. But humor is not its sole or fundamental virtue. Part of what makes it so humorous is the morbid fact that so much of what it says is true. My hat is off to E. Nough - as good a piece on Israel as any I have read!
  What's Going on in Iraq?
I've noticed that since the US has handed "control" over to the interim government in Iraq, most coverage of what they're doing has dropped off the map. Only little tidbits that I've found disconcerting have "floated" up out of the muck. One of the earliest was the "amnesty" they've offered Iraqis: everybody's welcome, except for those who killed other Iraqis. So if you only killed some of the damned occupiers, we're cool with that. I felt a sort of visceral outrage when I heard this.

Then the other day I was browsing through the opening pages of the Economist and noticed that Iyad Allawi (Iraqi Prime Minister) has allowed Muqtada Al Sadr (the renegade Shiite Cleric whose Mahdi army stood against the US)to continue publishing his newspaper, which L. Paul Bremer (the American civil admin prior to the handover) had previously banned. The blurb apparently hinted that his militia would be allowed to stay in tact, and that murder charges against for the death of a rival cleric would likely be dropped. What the hell is Allawi doing? Doesn't he know how Hitler got his start?

Today on the news ticker on Fox News I saw a little blurb mentioning that Al Sadr's Mahdi army has taken to the streets in Fallujah, and has been ransacking stores selling alcholic beverages. It is morally offensive. Of course, this may be perfectly legal behavior, as Islam and the Sharia can be a legitimate "source" of civil law.

And just a little while later I saw another blurb on Fox's ticker and on their website that Allawi wanted to dispel any notion that Iraq was going to "normalize" relations with the Zionist pigs.

"Future relations with Israel are determined by two issues: international resolutions and a just and comprehensive peace that has been adopted by Arab leaderships, including the Palestinian leadership. Iraq will not take any unilateral action on a settlement with Israel outside those two frameworks," Allawi said.

So far I've learned three things about Iraq's new prime minister:

  1. He doesn't do what the Americans tell him

  2. He's no different than the other Arab leaders when it comes to Israel

  3. He's got no problem with terrorists blowing American soldiers, unless of course an "innocent" Iraqi got hurt too

The more I learn the less I like this guy. If this is supposed to be the best that we could put in place of Saddam, this country won't last much longer.
Monday, July 26, 2004
  A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
North Korea Seems to Reject Butter-for-Guns Proposal From U.S.

The New York Times reports yesterday that North Korea has apparently rejected the latest appeasement offer from President Bush. Bush has demonstrated yet again his ineptitude at foreign policy. It will be interesting to see if conservatives will have the honesty, integrity and courage to call Bush out for this appeasement - his proposal is essentially the same as the one Clinton enacted in the early 90's, which conservatives criticized and later blamed as the cause of North Korea's weapons development when it was discovered in 2002 (see for instance Mona Charen's article from 2002).
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