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Thursday, November 04, 2004
  Whither Christianity?
I've noticed on several blogs the insistence that Bush's re-election wasn't a mandate to impose values or legislate morality (keep chanting, you'll believe it soon). At the forefront of their arguments is the seeming divergence yesterday: 11 states passed bans on gay marriage, yet Illinois chose Democratic rising star Barack Obama over Republican (Mary Cheney is a "selfish hedonist") Alan Keyes.

This, they say, proves that the country really wants Bush because he represents self-defense. Leaving aside the many exit polls showing values trumping self-defense in many cases (which I think are right), I have a much simpler explanation. We haven't yet reached a Christian theocracy yet. Instead, we are on the road to one. Keyes, who lost heavily, was rejected because he was consistent. In this respect, he deserves praise; he isn't a politician, he is on a moral crusade. He argues forcefully and effectively for his views, and he doesn't try to make them palatable for the masses. Most Christians aren't anywhere near consistent in their religious beliefs (as Dr. Peikoff has pointed out, consistent altruism leads to immediate death). They want to have their Christianity and their earthly life too.

Most Christians will go for the following argument: "We've got to protect marriage by defining it as between a man and a woman." You will have a hard time finding Christians who don't think gay marriage is a bad idea (at the very least, they think it will lead to polygamy and incest). So when you dress up the argument so nicely, they will swallow.

They're not ready for: "Homosexuals are depraved, disgusting and evil, and they are hell bent on destroying this country. We've got to crush these filthy sodomizers before its too late." Notice the difference - it's one of consistency and style. The first view tries to veil itself in "decent" desires, while the second expresses open hatred and desire for destruction. I'd argue that the second is actual Christianity, but that's another posting.

For those of you who listen to talk radio, think of it this way: the difference between the two arguments is the same difference you see between every pundit opposed to gay marriage on TV vs. Michael Savage on the radio (he was on TV, until he decided to tell the audience what he really thought).

Defense of America definitely played a prominent role in this election, but I think (Christian) Morality was right up there with it.

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