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Monday, November 29, 2004
  Defending Abortion
Watching Meet the Press tonight on MSNBC, I saw a fascinating "round-table" discussion between four Christian religious leaders. The most interesting was a Southern Baptist, Dr. Richard Land. Al Sharpton, the well-known black minister and democrat, was the only one in favor of women being able to choose to have an abortion. His argument, was that while all four of them agreed that they personally wouldn't choose abortion or recommend it, they had no right to impose that belief on other people. Sounds pretty good. After all, religious people don't have the right to impose their religion on others by force. But Dr. Land, echoing so many Christians I've talked to or overheard lately, came back with an irrefutable rejoinder (irrefutable to all except objectivists):
DR. LAND: Tim, that's the very same--that's the very same argument that slave owners made in the 1860s.

REV. SHARPTON: No, slave owners argued state's rights. What you're arguing is state's rights. That's what slave owners argued.

DR. LAND: No, no, no. Slave owners said, I wouldn't--people who supported slavery said, "I wouldn't own a slave, but I don't have the right to tell somebody else whether they can own slaves. That's imposing my values."


DR. LAND: What they forgot was slaves were people, and unborn babies are people. And in this society, no human being should have an absolute right of life and death over another human being.
Dr. Land came back to it again later in the discussion, saying, "He (Sharpton) said we shouldn't impose values on others. Look, when a mother has an abortion, she is imposing her values on an unborn child. And it is always a fatal imposition because the baby dies."

This is the crux of the issue regarding abortion, and the Christians are brilliant for realizing it and capitalizing on it. If the fetus, zygote, embryo, call it what you will, is a human being from the moment of conception, then it is murder to perform an abortion. If, as I believe, it does not achieve the status of being until after the umbilical cord is cut, then it is not a human being and not entitled to any rights. Unfortunately, I have never heard the argument that it isn't a human being anywhere outside of Objectivist circles. Instead, most pro-choice people make a big fuss about the "right to choose", while ignoring this fundamental issue. This is literally suicidal. Who will stand up for the right to exterminate children? Unless we can re-invigorate this bedrock of the argument amongst the pro-choice movement, the anti-abortion theocrats will overturn Roe v. Wade and steadily erode abortion state by state.

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