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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
  Thoughts on Cheney vs. Edwards
After watching the vice presidential debate last night, I was left feeling kind of empty. Neither candidate was superb; instead, they seemed more evenly matched. Andrew Sullivan sees the debate as a clear win for Edwards; I would agree, but only because I think he won by default.

While Cheney demonstrated brilliantly his command of the issues and of the facts, he failed to inspire. He reminded me of my first computer programming professor; he was brilliant, knew the answers to every question I ever had. But his computer displayed more emotion than he did. I thought for sure he would crush Edwards, but I didn't see it happen (his best point was the criticism of having never met Edwards before the debate because Edwards is never at congress).

In contrast to President Bush who was basically all emotion without any intelligence, Cheney was totally intelligent but had no passion. His voice had little presence; he seemed to be talking "low", and the subject seemed to lack any meaning to him. If you're the republican incumbent, fighting against a candidate who you believe is going to wreck your country, you need to fight vigorously. You need to communicate passionately that this is a fight that America can't afford to get wrong, that the wrong choice at this juncture could have repercussions that would threaten the US and American lives. Yet Cheney debated as if he was merely engaged in an intellectual game of chess.

Edwards by contrast, came off as young, effervescent and full of passion. He continuously lambasted Cheney and the Bush administration, at one point saying that he didn't think America could take "four more years" of Bush. Cheney should have been the one denouncing Kerry and Edwards as incapable of defending this country.

P.S. One thing that I found amusing from some of the blogs I've read is that they attacked Edwards for mentioning Cheney's daughter! This is funny because if you think about it fundamentally, all Edwards did was call attention to complete disregard the Republican party holds for homosexuals. While Edwards own position isn't good (he's against gay marriage too), he at least supports civil unions. That Republican's oppose even civil unions shows that this issue is not about marriage, but instead about hatred of homosexuality. For Christians, homosexuals are an abomination, really on the level of pedophiles (alright, maybe one rung above them). I feel sympathetic for Cheney's daughter - she loves her dad and wants to support him, but he works with and for people who regard her as less than human. And instead of displaying class or tact, I think Cheney's lack of response (he had 90 seconds to rebut Edwards) gave credence to Edwards claim that Bush is pushing the marriage amendment for political (i.e., theocratic) reasons.

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