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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  The Significance of Mary Cheney
The media (and certain Objectivists) seem to have missed the fundamental significance of Mary Cheney. After John Kerry pointed out that Mary Cheney, the Vice President's daughter, is a lesbian, outcry erupted from all sides. Lynne Cheney, her mother, went on the airwaves the next day infuriated, repeatedly referring to Kerry as "This is not a good man". Republicans (read: the religious right) jumped on the bandwagon, and have been riding it for all its worth lately. But everyone has missed the real outrage - not that John Kerry is a pitiful powerluster who will use any advantage he can gain to top Bush, but that Bush and his evangelical base are profound haters of homosexuality.

Notice that no conservative has explicitly identified what bothered them about the comment. It was indecent, disrespectful or disgusting is the common rejoinder. But as gay conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan has pointed out, Kerry only pointed out that Mary Cheney is a lesbian. What is the harm in that? He didn't publicly expose ("out") her sexual orientation - she has been openly and publicly gay for years. He didn't attack her for being lesbian. Notice also that conservative criticisms of Mary Cheney have received no admonishment from the Cheneys - as when Alan Keyes referred to Mary Cheney as a "selfish hedonist" for her homosexuality.

What these superficial criticisms are attempting to cover up is the fact that has been known implicitly, but which Kerry made explicit - that Mary Cheney, by supporting George Bush and her father, is supporting a party that wants to see her destroyed. It would be (and I mean this literally) as if Bush's base, instead of being evangelical Christians, were Nazis, and Dick Cheney's daughter were Jewish, but continued to support the campaign. What more depraved spectacle could there be than a person supporting a political party that ultimately wants to exterminate you. And for those who believe that exterminate and destroy are words too harsh, think again.

Think of the anti-sodomy laws that were so prevalent, even in some states nearly to the present day. Think of the biblical destruction of Soddam and Gommorah - not just for their sexual excesses, but especially for their homosexual excesses. Think of the visceral hatred so many Christians display at the mention of Gay marriage - they bristle with disgust, in the same manner that I bristle when I read about pedophiles abusing year old babies. Many Christians I have talked with regularly associate homosexuality with pedophilia, as if the two were co-extensive.

Everytime I hear about this I bristle. Lynne Cheney and her husband are truly disgraceful - they have sacrificed their daughter as political fodder to re-elect George Bush.

I turn the question in the proper direction, toward's the Cheneys: Have you no shame sir? Have you no honor?

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