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Friday, September 24, 2004
  A Pedophile's Just Desserts
From the AP:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (news - web sites) signed legislation Friday allowing the home addresses of the state's 55,000 most serious sex offenders to be posted on the Internet by early next year.

The Republican governor also made it clear he wants an even tougher bill next year, saying Friday's bill is a "good first step."

The measure adds California to a majority of states that have posted personal information about high-risk and serious convicted sex offenders who have been released from prison.

The 55,000 offenders affected by the bill include those convicted more than once of violent sexual crimes and others convicted once of sexual battery, rape and child molestation.

Californians also will be able to look up an offender's picture, physical description, any known aliases and criminal history.

This is exactly what needs to happen. While I personally want every pedophile to be beheaded, my understanding of both moral and legal justice precludes the death penalty for these monsters (though if anyone can justify this objectively I am a captive audience). But exposing these people is the next best thing. They should be run out of every town they try to inhabit. Store owners should refuse to service or employ them.

Of course, there are some individuals who have "concern" for these depraved individuals. From the same AP report:
Opponents say the postings offer little actual protection for children, but could spur attacks on law-abiding ex-convicts and their families.

"What this will do is place people at risk of vigilante justice, people who have paid their debt to society and are cooperating with the authorities," said Paul Gerowitz, executive director of Sacramento-based California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. (Emphasis Added)

I'm sorry, but there can be no sympathy for those who have destroyed the lives of innocent women and children. To feel sympathy for the rapist/pedophile is treason to the victims. And I've always hated that oft used phrase, "payed my debt to society". Society isn't the victim; innocent women and children are, and what these monsters have taken can never be given back or repaid. And what a perversion of justice to worry about what happens to rapists or pedophiles.

In a further note, I just finished watching an interesting piece on Dateline NBC where they featured some of the heroic volunteers from Perverted Justice. They pose as children online and catch these sick bastards, and then expose their pictures on their website. Bravo! The Dateline piece featured something like 18 different men (all average looking) who showed up at a house that they though contained a 13-14 year old girl by herself. One of them was a father of two children himself.

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