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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
  O'Reilly Interviews Bush (Part 2 of 3)
This won't be as long of a post as the previous one; while I disagree with much of what Bush said in this segment, many of the arguments are economic and much more technical. Besides, the war on terror and Bush's theocratic beliefs are the fundamental issues in this campaign. I hope to one day see a presidential election where the main choice is between which side "really" supports free trade or will "really" raise taxes. Alas, we live in a much more precarious age.
BILL O'REILLY: HOST: How will the federal government ever pay off the federal deficit, in your opinion?

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: By being fiscally wise and growing our economy.

O'REILLY: Do you think it can be paid off in our lifetime, though?

BUSH:: The deficit, yeah. You mean, for,— have the revenues exceed the expenses in the budget?

O'REILLY: See, we have a big deficit here…

BUSH: You're talking about the debt or the deficit?

O'REILLY: The deficit.

BUSH:: Yeah.

O'REILLY: Well people are saying that because we have to fight this war on terror, because of the tax cuts, oh and you know how the propaganda, it’s all over the place…

BUSH: No, I think we can — of course I think we can balance the budget — as a matter of fact, I put out a hand, a budget that says we’ll cut it in half in five years, now, that's going to mean that the Congress has got to be fiscally wise, with our money.

O'REILLY: Has that ever happened?

BUSH: Yeah, it’s happening. Seriously. One other, you know, I get accused for not having vetoed any budgets. One reason why is because I’ve worked with Speaker Hastert and Leader Frist, and formerly worked with Leader Lott, to develop a budget that trunked discretionary spending, that was reasonable about the growth in discretionary spending. It’s now, — non-defense, non-homeland, discretionary spending — is less than one percent in our budget. And that was growing at one, less that one percent, when I became President, it was growing at fifteen percent. So we’ve made some progress. The reason I believe tax cuts were necessary is because we were in a recession and we needed to grow this economy.

Just a few things here. The Bush deficit is somewhere around $400 billion. Now true, some will say we've been fighting a war; problem is, I don't see any tangible results coming of our efforts. The other problem is that congress cannot be fiscally wise; there is no fuse that will blow when congress goes over-budget. Unlike a corporation, which becomes insolvent and goes bankrupt, the government just keeps on spending. We pay the bills through our future tax dollars and through the depreciation of our purchasing power via inflation. For those who'd like a good example of how purchasing power has been sucked away from us via inflation, consider the following: GI's returning from WW II were able to purchase a new home for about $5,000; today, if you live in California, you can pay anywhere from $200,000 to $900,000 for used homes!

Bush's stands on privatizing health care sound good, but reflect on the fact that this Republican passed the disastrous expansion of Medicare, a bill that Clinton would have salivated over.

I have a distinct feeling that Bush is probably going to win this election, which somewhat depresses me. Kerry has been an abyssmal failure on the campaign trail. We'll see what happens with the final part of the interview tomorrow and with the debate on Thursday. The pundits are already billing Bush as the winner - hopefully Kerry will get his act together.

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