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Sunday, September 12, 2004
  Fallujah's Chickens Come Home to Roost
I was extremely skeptical in April 2004 when, poised to crush the "insurgency" being led by Muqtada Al Sadr, the US pulled back and brought to life the "Fallujah Brigade". A motley assortment of insurgents and former Saddam loyalists, this group was touted by military "experts" as the solution to the problem. For they knew that to weed out the terrorists, civilians would have to die. Afraid that US soldiers killing Iraqi civilians would cause a large-scale uprising, they demonstrated their depth at making foreign policy - if Iraqis do the killing, maybe they won't hate us.

Needless to say this policy has been an abyssmal failure. The LA Times reports today that the Fallujah brigade has been disbanded:
The Iraqi military force formed by the Marines in a last-ditch effort to pacify the restive city of Fallouja has been disbanded in the face of continuing violence, assaults on government security forces and evidence that some members have been working openly with insurgents.

Once again, Bush's lack of determination has made the situation infinitely worse than it would have originally been. For if we had simply assaulted the city with the intent of killing the thugs inside, this would be a distant memory today, and fewer Americans would have lost their lives. Now we face an enemy who has had months to demoralize the opposition and dig himself in. And why are we in this position today? According to the Times:
The goal in forming the force was to avoid a bloodbath by allowing the Marines to withdraw from the city but leaving a proxy force to tamp down insurgent activity and arrest those responsible for the killings of four U.S. civilian security contractors March 31.

Nonsense! The goal was to help Bush conduct his "sensitive" war. Just as in Vietnam, there was no practical impediment to our crushing this enemy. We could have bombed Fallujah into a parking lot if it caught our fancy. Only our moral uncertainty could have so effectively led us to play into the enemy's hands. Bush and his cabinet were afraid that we would lose support if we accidentally killed civilians while killing the insurgents. They feared invigorating the populace against us. Hello! They're way past invigorated.

What Bush and everyone else needs to understand is that if these people are fighting against us, then we must kill them. We represent freedom, the rights of the individual; they fight for theocracy, the "right" of mullahs to control every aspect of the individual's life. There is no moral equivalence here. The muslims who fight against us are evil - they want to enslave other people.

There was no moral equivalence during World War II. No one was afraid to invade German occupied territory and kill Germans; hell, we firebombed Dresden and killed tens of thousands. During the firebombing of Tokyo alone nearly 100,000 people died and large sections of the city were demolished. This is how a war is fought. That is decisiveness. Only by utterly crushing our enemies and showing them the folly of their rebellion will they be defeated.

If Fallujah would be too costly in terms of American lives (which I readily imagine it is), then we should do the following. Announce publicly that Fallujah has 24 hours to hand over the insurgents and allow US forces to take control of the city, or else we will annihilate it. When they fail to do as we have demanded, we send in so many bombers that there is nothing left of the city. We then continue on to the next "hotbed" of insurgents, until we have either cleaned the country out or reduced it to rubble. Of course, we wouldn't have to reduce it to rubble - once we demonstrate not only our firepower but our resolve to use it mercilessly, we will regain the respect the world has so long forgotten to show us.

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