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Friday, August 06, 2004
  It's Time to Take Out Al Sadr
It's time to start cleaning up Iraq. Muqtada Al Sadr has been a serious problem for both the US and the Iraqi Interim government since at least April of this year. It was a great mistake to not kill him then, and we invite further disaster in not killing him now.

The recent UN offer to act as "peace-broker" in this conflict underscores the necessity of unilateral action on our part. We lost a great deal of respect and standing in April when we had a clear opportunity to crush the "insurgency". Kowtowing to the UN will only further subordinate US interests. We would be sending the message that the UN actually gives a damn about peace, which it does not and never has.

We have an excellent opportunity now to take back our courage, our respect and strike a blow against the Islamic Theocrats we have been fighting since 9/11. A strong, decisive strike against Al Sadr and his Mahdi army, with the goal of killing him and destroying their ability to act, would do more for the US morale and for our fight against the terrorists then any other action. It would signal to all other potential theocrats that we aren't weak and aren't playing games. We need to send the message that insurgency will not be tolerated: those who raise arms against the US, and want to provoke war with us, will be made to understand in excruciating detail the true horror of war. It is time to strike fear into the hearts of those who would carry weapons against us.

But the fight must be made on moral grounds. We must stress the fact that we are fighting for freedom and individual rights - Al Sadr is fighting in order to force his religion down everyone else's throat. He and his Mahdi army don't oppose us because we want to enslave the Iraqi's - he opposes us because we are trying to let them live their own lives and make their own choices.

It is interesting in this regard to notice what "Mahdi" means to the Muslims historically. Mahdi in Arabic means "the Guided One". But it has a strong connotation as well. The Guided One is someone chosen by Allah to establish justice on earth, and who will overthrow a regime of evil. Historically a Muslim in Sudan, Muhammad Abdallah, claimed that title and called for a jihad against the infidels and Muslims who did not recognize him (he was fighting against Egypt at the time, but you get the picture). For Al Sadr to name his ragtag militia the "Mahdi Army", is most likely a reference to this. He regards the US as infidels (which we are), and the current US/Iraqi interim government as an evil regime. What would he put in its place? A Islamic Theocracy in the tradition of Iran and its Islamic Revolution.

It would behoove us to make an example out of Al Sadr and his ilk. We must kill him, his army, and make those who help or harbor him pay the price for their treason. If done correctly, without any wishy washiness or half measures, we would do more to ensure future peace than any further negociations, cease fires or "peace-brokering".

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